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Transitioning from the hospital to your home is an important process in your long-term recovery.

At Montclair Care Center, you can recover in comfort, while having access to the sophisticated subacute rehab and support you need. Located roughly one mile from the renowned Mountainside Hospital, we’re a convenient location for patients leaving hospital who need extra care before returning home independently. Our outstanding subacute services will ensure that your recovery is pleasant, peaceful, and complete.

Physical, Occupational
& Speech Therapy

subacute rehab

Our top-notch physical, occupational and speech therapists are here to help you recover with confidence. Your rehabilitation team will create an individualized plan based on your unique needs and provide daily therapies on-site.

For almost any recovery to be successful, you’ll need access to a gym, the proper equipment, and the professional guidance needed to do your rehab exercises safely. Our gym is fully stocked with all the equipment you need to build strength, gain confidence, and regain your mobility.

Once you’re ready, we’ll move your rehabilitation into our ADL Suite, so you can practice and master the activities of daily living that you need to return home safely and independently.

Most importantly, we provide post-discharge follow-up and support to ensure that you can continue your health regime and live independently and safely at home.

Medical Support

subacute rehab

Our highly trained RNs and LPNs provide 24/7 nursing care so that you have the peace of mind and support you need in your recovery.

We have a wound doctor check in on our patients regularly to prevent infection and keep an eye on how incisions and injuries are healing. We also have a physiatrist (a health care specialist who focuses on physical medicine and physical therapy) visit patients once a week.

When you stay at Montclair you have the peace of mind to know that you have full access to a respiratory therapist, infectious disease doctor, and cardiologist if needed Additionally, blood work and laboratory services to monitor your recovery are available onsite, along with diagnostics and mobile X- rays.


Depending on what you’re recovering from, you may want to take advantage of some of the activities scheduled in our community. We have a range of activities you can participate in if you choose, and either way our dedicated staff will stay connected and reassure you that you’re not alone.

There are 12 subacute beds in our facility right now. In the near future, our subacute rehab unit will be renovated to offer even more support. Reach out to our team to talk about our plans for our dedicated subacute unit and learn more about how we can support your recovery and transition home.

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