Our outstanding level of resident satisfaction is reflected in these great testimonials.

Great place for rehab care. They have really good therapists who take their time and show a genuine concern for patients. Got me doing much better than I was when I first started.

- Michelle Rodgers

Great place for rehab care. They have really good therapists who take their time and show a genuine concern for patients. Got me doing much better than I was when I first started.

- Michelle Rodgers

I trust Montclair Care Center to take care of my wife Sylvia and I trust them implicitly. She is well and above my greatest treasure next to Jesus. When I first met Erika she was so professional I had not a worry. The place is owned and run by Orthodox Jews who are respectful and kind. I have not one bad thing to say. My wife is always dressed clean and her hair washed. The staff allows me to be myself. Dementia, or the long goodbye, is a heart wrenching experience. I can sing and play guitar to my wife. While there are strict rules, the nursing home is still flexible. From Hector who does the grunt work to Shimon who is in charge, I found not a single fault. They made it through COVID with a stellar record. If I could do everything over again I wouldn’t change a thing. I am looking for Montclair Care Center to continue their tradition of excellence and bring in more of the same. In particular, I love it when singers come in to perform. My wife can’t participate in most of the activities but music is a universal healer. And here let me tell you how great they are. I asked that my wife be brought down for all activities, and though she could do nothing but passively sit by they abided by my wishes. The nursing home takes short term patients as well. At another nursing home with a good reputation Sylvia had a bump on her head the first night that they couldn’t explain. They never took her out of bed claiming she was a fall risk. Also they couldn’t handle the intravenous medicine correctly. Choosing a nursing home is a matter of life and death. I sleep easy at night knowing Sylvia is in Montclair Care Center.

- John K.

Mom has been a resident at Montclair Care Center for over 5 years. In the very beginning, her stay was to be temporary. However, as time went on, we realized that mom was not capable of caring for herself so it was decided that in her best interest she should become a permanent resident.

With her stay at Montclair Care Center, we really did not know what to expect or how to navigate mom’s new life as a resident. over the years it became clear that this is her home and that the staff would be her second family. Not only would the staff and nurses become her bonus family, that they would also become mine.

When I visit with mom, I regularly converse with the staff about her progress and well-being which generally lead to us asking about each other. I have really gotten to know about each of them, and have discovered how kind, loving, caring and thoughtful people they are. I began to feel comfortable with mom being there and under the care of someone other than me. At times, they would offer words of kindness and comfort to me knowing how much I missed her. They would express to me that they understand how difficult it can be to have a loved one in a nursing facility away from home.

Montclair Care Center is not just a care facility for their residents but also offer comfort to families. Being a part of the Montclair Care Center family, I have found that while families sometimes make mistakes and not always know to get things exactly right, we all know that once we reveal what is expected of us, we make the necessary changes. This is what the Montclair Care Center does for its residents  and their families; they make every effort to meet the needs and expectation of the families. Whenever I have issues or concerns, they are open to discussing and identifying solutions

I appreciate each and everyone of the staff, nurses and caregivers for all they do. It is not easy on any of us, but we just do the best we can with dedication and love.

- Juliet Lee

Great staff. Very knowledgeable and a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend them.

- Michael Adams

I stayed at Montclair Care Center for some Rehab and had a wonderful experience everyone was so nice and especially the nursing staff. Thank you everyone.

- James Overbey

My grandpa was at the facility for rehabilitation. He received great care there. The staff is unbelievable, and caring. Throughout COVID they made sure the family’s were up to date with all that was going on inside the facilities, and with our loved ones. Thank you to all the wonderful staff who made this experience much better than expected. My grandpa always felt like he was part of one big family there, and that meant the world to us!

- Bracha Rabinovits

Professional, clean, friendly, comfortable , calm atmosphere to rehab which is very important for recovery to me. I highly recommend it.

- George Soludo

I want thank the new management for the great work you’re doing ! And the way you care for my mother and all the other patients.

- M.Siano

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